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Running Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

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Running is passion, freedom, pure emotion, freedom of expression, a sense of freedom.

Every Runner is constantly looking for technical materials that increase their performance. And like any Runner knows, every discipline has specific needs. Those who run in the mountains and practice Trail Running need shoes other than dirt, compared to an athlete who is used to running on asphalt or light dirt roads.

Same reason for socks, a detail that can make a difference on occasions. Generally the Trail Runners uses  a pair of socks that covers up to the knee for protection from branches, and various obstacles that can be encountered in dirt roads of a certain level,  the Runner( Marathon, Half Marathon or Track ) prefer to use low cut socks due to the total absence of obstacles.


Running Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses
Running Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

Protecting the eyes instead and having the perfect view of the path is a common feature of both disciplines. Creating a line of glasses for running and trail running with polarized lenses. The runner and trail runner require from a pair of sunglasses the essential characteristics to be able to live and best practice their favourite discipline.


Lightness and comfort: Demon’s running and trail running glasses are ultra-light. A special composition of Nylon and carbon fibre is created in TR90 which makes the eyewear 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to shocks and mechanical traction, more elastic and more resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation. The TR90 is hypoallergenic, biologically it can remain in contact with the skin even for prolonged use. The rubber parts of the polarized eyewear for running and trail running are in soft Megol which, in addition to the Grip function for stability, makes the fit comfortable.  

                                Perfect view of the route: Those who choose a polarized lens for Running and trail Running is because they want a lens that is very restful for the eyes. The polarized lens is in fact the most restful lens technology for the eyes on the world market. Using a polarized lens for running and trail running for very long use on sunny days and with very bright brightness is a plus that many runners no longer want to give up. The lens polarized has numerous benefits for the eyes:

  • Better perception of contrast
  • Sharper view
  • No alteration of natural colours
  • Elimination of transverse reflexes


Using a polarized lens for trail running, especially on days of intense light and prolonged use, allows the athlete not only to benefit from the vision of the course and any obstacles but also to run with the constant feeling of always having his eyes rested. Same concept also for those who run on asphalt, especially for long duration races and with very strong sun.

Polarized lenses for running and trail running are decentralized and optically perfect, these features provide vision of the path without visual distortions caused by the use of curved lenses (without decentralization) and also guarantee the perfect sense of depth, being able to immediately identify where you are finds every obstacle to allow the athlete safety in the most difficult and delicate passages.

Trail Running sunglasses with polarized Lenses
Trail Running sunglasses with polarized Lenses

Safety: Fundamental beyond the perfect view of the path is the safety in case of accidental bumps such as a possible fall or for the trail runner the impact with leaves and branches. Polarized lenses for running and trail running are in anti-break polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is lighter than other lenses made of conventional plastic materials and unbreakable in the event of impacts. In case of very strong accidental impact, the shock is absorbed over the entire surface of the lens without generating fragments that could damage the eye. A spider web effect is formed which invalidates the lens but protects the eye better.


We recommend the use of a polarized lens for running and trail running for all athletes who are looking for ultra-light glasses for prolonged use even in very strong light conditions.

Polarized glasses can also be used outside the purely racing environment for the practice of any sport.

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