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Running Sunglasses with Photochromic Lenses

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Every Runner is constantly and restlessly  searching for materials and new technologies to help him run better, faster and allowing increasing his performance.
In addition, each Runner has his own needs because a long-distance runner has different needs than a middle-distance runner and a Trail Runner.
The substantial differences start from the cushioning of the shoe, different socks according to the specialty, type of trousers, technical shirt, hat and glasses.

Trail running sunglasses with photochromic lenses

We enter into specifics regarding the glasses for running and trail running.
As for the shoes, the glasses also differ and some sports glasses are more suitable for practice on concrete and light dirt roads, while others are technicians for trail running.

There are essential common characteristics that regardless of the discipline that the running and trail running glasses must have:

  • Perfect view of the course: It is fundamental to use a sun lens that allows the athlete to have the perfect view of his course during the whole time of the performance.
  • Lightness: The glasses must be ultralight, although we are talking about grams of difference it is essential that the glasses are as light as possible.
  • Wrapping: The glasses must wrap around the face to better protect the eyes not only from the side light, but from all the objects that can be found along the path such as: dust, insects, leaves and branches.
  • Comfort: The glasses must be comfortable and not even feel wearing them during sports

Running Sunglasses photochromic lenses

Photochromatic lenses for Running and Trail Running:

Photochromic glasses for running and trail running represent the maximum technology currently on the market. The photochromic lenses are special lenses that in contact with rays: UV-A, UV-B and direct sunlight generate a reversible chemical reaction that causes the surface of the lens to darken, returning to the state of initial coloring when the irradiation direct solar ends.
The glasses with photochromic lenses are glasses with dynamic lenses that can adapt optimally to any change of light on the path:

  • Photochromic Running Glasses: For the practice of running, marathon, half marathon or simple training the use of a photochromic lens is a plus to which every athlete once tried will no longer want to give up. The advantage of using a photochromic lens for running does not bind the athlete to carefully choose the time of the activity, because if at dawn the lens will have transparent coloring or slightly veiled in the starting state and then darken according to the intensity solar. Or in the late afternoon at sunset, from dark it will return to the original color state. In case of cloudy weather, the lens varies darkening and lightening based on the intensity of the light. For those who practice marathons and ultramarathons, we recommend the DCHROM photochromic lens because, compared to the photochromic smoke lens at maximum work, it can maintain a greater sense of relaxation in case of very strong light conditions.
    Photochromic dchrom lenses for running and trail running 
  • Photochromic Trail Running Eyewear: For trail running, use a pair of sunglasses with photochromic lenses, given the very frequent light transitions of the path. Choosing between the DCHROM photochromic lens and the Smoke photochromic lens is a very subjective thing for the athlete. In fact: the DCHROM photochromic lens in the phase of maximum work becomes darker than the smoke photochromic lens because it starts from a starting color with a slight haze of smoke coloring, while the smoke photochromic lens has an initial transparent color. We advise against the choice of the DCHROM lens for athletes who use eyewear for outings and competitions that are prolonged even at night because it would be too dark for lighting a battery even if with very strong lighting. While we recommend the choice of the Smoke photochromic lens in this case because it can be used as a simple protection from the air.

Photochromic smoke lenses for trail running

Technical features:

  • Shatterproof lens: The photochromic lens for running and trail running is unbreakable. In the case of very strong shocks resulting from: fall, impact with leaves and branches, and similar cases, the lens distributes the impact over its entire surface, preventing breakage or the creation of fragments that could damage the eye. It will form an effect that resembles the shape of a spider web that invalidates the lens, but that best protects the health of your eyes.
  • Frame material: All the frames of photochromic glasses for running and trail running are in TR90, a special ultra-light and hypoallergenic composition of nylon and carbon fiber that makes the eyewear 20% lighter than the use of conventional materials, plus impact resistant, more durable, more elastic and more comfortable.
  • Rubber parts: the rubber parts are in soft Megol non-slip, for maximum stability of the glasses with photometric lenses for running and trail even in extreme conditions.
  • Adjustable nose pieceMany models in the collection have a nose piece with an aluminum core that allows adjustment to any nose appearance. 

The models with photochromic lenses for running and trail running in the collection are: CABANA – HERO – TOUR – IRON – TIGER – 832 DCHROM – 832 Photochromic SMOKE – VIPER – TRAIL – RECORD               

Photchromic lenses for running and trail running

For those who wear prescription lenses.

For athletes who need prescription lenses for running and trail running, a line of sports eyeglasses has been created with photochromic lenses and removable optical clips. Through your trusted optician you can create prescription lenses to be inserted into the optical clip.

To see the complete optical collection for running and trail running with photochromic lenses click here

Prescription Sunglasses for Running and Trail Running

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