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Tips and Usage
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Rowing Glasses

Rowing sunglasses
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Rowing glasses are designed to provide protection to the eyes from weather elements such as sun, wind, rain, and water splashes. They can also enhance visibility during rowing practice, allowing the rower to see clearly without obstacles.

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Rowing is an aquatic sport that involves the use of boats called “rowing boats” or “crew boats.” Athletes, known as “rowers,” use oars to propel the boats through the water.

Rowing can be practiced on both inland waters, such as rivers and lakes, and open waters, such as seas and oceans. Rowing competitions take place over fixed distances, such as 2000 meters, and can include individual races, pairs, or larger crews.

In official rowing competitions, there are different boat categories, such as single scull (one rower), double scull (two rowers), coxless four (four rowers without a coxswain), coxed eight (eight rowers with a coxswain), and many more. The boats can be either sweep rowing or sculling, depending on the propulsion method used.

Rowing requires high coordination, strength, endurance, and technique. It is a sport that engages the entire body, particularly the upper limbs, core, and legs. It is also known to promote cardiorespiratory endurance and overall physical fitness.

In addition to competitions, rowing can also be practiced as a recreational activity or as a means of transportation on inland waters. Many people enjoy the experience of rowing outdoors, immersing themselves in the surrounding nature and reaping the health and wellness benefits offered by this sport.

Rowing sunglasses

Rowing Glasses: Which One to Choose

When choosing a pair of rowing glasses, here are some factors to consider:

UV Protection: Ensure that the glasses provide adequate UV protection to safeguard your eyes from harmful sun rays. Look for glasses with a UV protection rating of 100% or higher.

Fit and Comfort: The glasses should fit properly on your face without slipping or causing discomfort during activity. Make sure that the temple arms of the glasses are adjustable, and the nose bridge is comfortable.

Water Resistance: Consider using glasses with hydrophobic lenses or anti-scratch treatments to maintain clear vision even in the presence of water splashes.

Aerodynamic Design: Glasses with an aerodynamic design can reduce wind resistance and offer a clearer vision during high-speed rowing.

Polarized Lenses (optional): Polarized lenses can help reduce water glare, improving clarity of vision in intense light conditions.

Always remember to try on the glasses before purchasing to ensure they fit properly on your face and provide the desired protection and comfort during rowing.

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