Replacement Lenses

Showing 1–20 of 36 results

Showing 1–20 of 36 results

Have you scratched the lens of your sunglasses?


DEMON has created for you this new section where you can order lenses for sports glasses, sports and polarized, even if not purchased from our e-commerce, in order to guarantee a longer life to your beloved glasses.


To proceed with the order of replacement lenses you can read some data that are reported and printed in the temples of all sports glasses, polarized and sport view, such as the model name for example, usually inside the left rod (to be so sure to buy the right replacement).


Click on the photo corresponding to the replacement of the model you wish to purchase and press the buy button to proceed with the guided compilation.


For any other particular request (such as if over time you have deleted the code inside the glasses, or if the spare part you are looking for is not present) please contact our Call Centre at +39.0445.315537 or through the section contact us directly by clicking here.