Prescription Sports Glasses | Demon sunglasses


For many athletes there is a considerable difficulty in using contact lenses during the sport activity. Every day people search on the net the best solution to solve their problem with prescription glasses to pratice their favourite sport. DEMON made a sport line for all athletes who wear daily eyeglasses, with optical frames for sports and sports eyewear with optical clip with a wide field of view to allow to focus only on their performance. 

The eyewear line "Prescription Sport sunglasses" can be used for sports like Cycling and Running, but can also be used to practice Trekking, or simply for beach volley.

In this category there are optics frames and sport sunglasses with optical clip that have:

  • Photochromic lenses: Are lenses that set off a reversible chemical reaction, causing them to darken when exposed to UV radiation or solar light in general. Once the radiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to their original transparent colour. Our photochromatic lenses are in polycarbonate, decentered, optically correct and filter 100% of UV rays. 

    Models That Have Photochromic Lenses are: FUSION - 285


  • Interchangeable lenses: that are in polycarbonate, antiscratch, decentered and optically correct, interchangeable lenses make for on-the-spot adaptabily of our specs according to changes in weather conditions. Changing lenses is simple and quick, also thanks to the special, super-lightweight material used for the frame, TR90 Ultralight. Each pair of specs with interchangeable lenses comes complete with smoke Category 3 lenses, a pair of Orange Category 2 lenses and a pair of Clear Category 1 lenses.


    »Smoke lenses: Category 3, guaranteed 100% UV protection. These lenses give their best performance with bright and sunny weather.

    »Orange lenses: Category 2, guaranteed 100% UV protection. These lenses give their best performance with cloudy or overcast weather

    »Clear lenses: Category 1, guaranteed 100% UV protection. These lenses give their best performance with rain or heavily overcast weather.


    Models That Have interchangeable Lenses are: FUSION - 285

    ARIZONA model have interchangeable lenses with anti-fogging coating to help reduce fogging when you sweat.



    All frame of Prescription Sport Sunglasses are in TR90 that is a special composition of Nylon and fiber of carbon. Frames in TR90 are 20% lighter than conventional materials and are more resistant to shock and traction.

    Optical Clip for prescripion sunglasses is in TR90, and in included in the price. 


    Optics Frame are also in TR90. They are in Base 6 and permiss to insert high power of prescription, and they are suggested for all kind of sports.


    No compromise, no sacrifice, top performance always and anyway. DEMON is the solution for all sports fans - whether professionals or enthusiastas - who never stop, who drive themselves beyond the most extreme limits.