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Prescription Sport Sunglasses with Interchangeable Lenses

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For every Athlete who needs corrective lenses it is essential to choose the perfect eyewear that best combines every need for perfect vision during sports practice and at the same time is practical and aesthetically beautiful. It is therefore fundamental to choose which type of lens can be best for practicing one’s favorite discipline.

For all sports lovers, DEMON has created a line of prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses that can be used indoor and outdoor and that allow the athlete or simple enthusiast to better practice their favorite sport focusing solely on performance.

cycling prescription glasses fusion model

The sport sight glasses with interchangeable lenses are special sport frames with removable internal view clips, where you can insert graduated lenses through your trusted optician. For the FUSION and 285 models supplied, 3 pairs of lenses are supplied (smoke, orange and transparent, which we will explain later, features and types of use), while for the ARIZONA model it is supplied with 2 lenses (smoke and Orange).

Choosing a prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses is one of the best performing solutions currently available on the market and at the same time economical. Using sports glasses with optical clips is much easier to graduate because in base 6 and positioned closer to the eye it allows you to create lenses: smaller but at the same time that guarantee perfect vision, lighter because they are smaller and less expensive. The optical clip system is the perfect alternative to those who use sports glasses by grading the curved lens, using sports glasses as a simple frame, this system is likely to create visual distortions laterally and be very expensive.

Technical characteristics of prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses:

  • Interchangeable lenses:  The lenses provided in the sport prescription glasses with interchangeable lenses are the following depending on the model you choose.
  • Smoke Lenses category 3: All models of the line of sight sport with interchangeable lenses are equipped with a category 3 smoke lenses, which that does not affect in any way the performance of the glasses but has purely an aesthetic value. The category 3 smoke lens is recommended for outdoor use in bright and medium-light conditions. For practicality this particular type of lens can be used for all outdoor sports: Cycling, Running, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Golf, Sailing, Fishing, Water Sports, Flight. It can also be used in the mountains for excursions at low altitudes, while for mountaineering there is a particular model with a category 4 lens and a Photochromic 2-4 lens that protects the eyes to very strong light intensity.
  • Orange Lens category 2: The orange category 2 lens is recommended for outdoor use for days with medium light intensity such as cloudy weather. It can be used indoors for very strong artificial light conditions. The main feature of the Orange lens is the high contrast, in fact this particular lens is very appreciated by those who practice MTB and Trail Running, especially when there are long stretches of very dense forest areas along the way.
  • Transparent lens: The transparent lens can be used for both indoor and outdoor practice. For those who practice sports at night can be used as a simple protection from the air.  

orange and clear interchangeable lenses for cycling sunglasses

  • Shatterproof lenses: A fundamental feature of prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses is the unbreakable characteristic of the lenses. Using unbreakable lenses is very important for maximum eye protection. In fact, in case of accidental impact the lens does not generate fragments that could damage the eye but distributes the shock of impact on the entire surface of the lens forming a “spider web” effect that invalidates it. It is important to choose unbreakable lenses also for the prescription lenses that will be applied to the optical clip.
  • Removable Optical Clip : The optical clip is the special view holder on which to apply the corrective lenses through your trusted optician. The clip can be removed at will, in fact the glasses can be used as normal glasses even without using the clip, if you intend to practice your discipline using contact lenses.
  • Ultralight and Elastic Frame:  Considering the prescription graduated lens, the eyewear gets heavier on the front, so it is necessary to use an ultralight, elastic and resistant frame that makes the fit comfortable. All the frames of the prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses are created in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and carbon fiber that makes the frame lighter by 20% than the use of conventional materials, more resistant to high and low temperatures, and more durable over time.
    The TR90 is a hypoallergenic composition so it can be in contact with the skin even for very prolonged use without irritation. The GRIP rubber parts are made of soft Megol, an un allergic material that counteracts the micro-slippage of the glasses frontally, even with strong vibrations or sudden movements.

cycling sunglasses with prescription lenses

Which sports can they be used for?

The prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses can be used for every type of sport, we list below the main disciplines on which to use the glasses and the main benefits in use:

  • ROAD BIKE: As for the bike racing use prescription sports with interchangeable lenses as well as a purely aesthetic factor will have significant benefits in perfect view of the road and in the tool reading: Computers for speed and km distance, GPS, etch … Furthermore, depending on the weather conditions, you can choose which lens to use, for perfect vision always even for very prolonged use. 
  • RUNNING and TRAIL RUNNING: As far as Running and Trail Running are concerned, the same principle of lens change depends on the weather conditions, also use the mirrored smoke lens for marathons, half marathons, ultramarathon or any trail running exit , especially we recommend the use of the mirrored smoke lens for days with very strong light conditions.
  • PARAGLIDING: For paragliding and flight sports, but also for driving a touring aircraft, using prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses is very important for the perfect vision of the instruments. Furthermore, being able to interchange the lens is equivalent to being able to always choose the best lens according to the light conditions. 
  • WATER SPORTS: Sailing, similar disciplines or simply to guide the boat. Here too, the prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses will allow the correct reading of the instruments and the perfect vision, with any light condition. Simply change the supplied lenses quickly and easily.
  • BEACH VOLLEYBALL: The prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses for beach volleyball can be used in all light conditions and for night games it will be enough to mount the transparent filter that will be the simple protection for the eyes from sand and air.
  • TENNIS: As for beach volleyball for tennis practice, use prescription sport glasses with interchangeable lenses allowing the athlete to be able to use both indoor and outdoor glasses. Simply choose the correct filter based on the light conditions: Natural and Artificial.
  • GOLF: also use a pair of prescription sport glasses with a wide range of lenses available, allowing the eye to be constantly relaxed in all light conditions.

We therefore recommend the choice of prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses for the practice of your favorite indoor and outdoor sport.

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