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Prescription Glasses for Running and Trail Running

Prescription Glasses for Running and Trail Running

Running and trail running are two related disciplines practiced in completely different environments,

Both disciplines are based on the pleasure of running and overcoming one’s limits. DEMON has created a line of prescription glasses for all athletes who practice running and trail running to increase their performance and safety in practicing the discipline they love.

Prescription glasses for running and trail running
Runner wear Prescription glasses for running and trail running

There are various types of prescription glasses for Running and Trail Running:

  • OPTICAL LENS INSERT: as in the VISTA SPORT model (reviewed above), which can be seen as a normal optical frame but with the advantage of enveloping the sports glasses.
  • OPTICAL CLIP: Economical solution and at the same time performing in the practice of running and trail because it allows the perfect and constant vision of the path while maintaining the characteristics of the classic sports eyewear.
optical clip for prescription lenses 285 model

All the DEMON frames are in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber, which offers 20% more lightness than conventional materials, greater impact resistance and longer life.

Available lenses:

  • Photochromic lenses: widely used for both disciplines. They are lenses that are exposed to light and UV radiation and darken to provide the perfect and constant view of the path. The light changes will not be a problem because the lens adapts in a rapid way to provide the athlete not only maximum visual safety, but also total protection for the eyes from UV-A and UV-B radiation. The peculiarity of this lens is the completely transparent starting color, so they can be used both at dawn and at sunset, and for night racing.
  • DCHROM photochromic lenses: DCHROM photochromic lenses are the top range of DEMON for prescription glasses for running and trail running. They differ from the common photochromic lenses for the greater reaction speed and for the greater safety that they are able to achieve.
  • Lenses DCHANGE: They are vision models for running and trail with more prescription lenses that can be interchanged according to the weather conditions.

For those who practice running and trail running, choosing sports prescription glasses not only increases visual safety and eye protection, but also significantly increases performance.

Objective sought by each Runner in the practice of their favorite discipline.

To see our range of prescription glasses with view clips and sport view frames for running and trail running

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