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PPE Personal Protective Equipment

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PPE – Personal Protective Equipment from external agents / particles eyes protection

“PPE for goggles” and eyewear with transparent lenses for protecting the eyes from external agents / particles.

For Your Defense has been BIG LINE’s mission since 1975, for total and effective eyes protection.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) external agents / particles eyes protection

The FOR YOUR DEFENSE collection contains PPE for eyes protection with goggles, wraparound single lens eyewear with transparent lens for eyes protection and anti-fog cleaning liquid (available in normal or anti-bacterial version) for cleaning the lens and reducing fogging.


Protect your eyes:

 It is essential not to neglect eyes protection by using effective barriers to prevent direct eyes contact from micro particles.


Using PPE with CE EN 166: 2004 certification is certainly the most effective solution for eyes protection.


The use of the “Goggle PPE” with transparent lens is certainly the most efficient way eyes protection.

However, there are better solutions to protect the eyes during normal daily life, such as the use of single-lens wrap-around glasses with transparent lenses that can be effective in preventing the contact of micro particles with the surface of the eyes.

Therefore, we recommend protecting your eyes using certified PPE or wraparound glasses with transparent lenses combined with the use of a mouth mask and safety distance as required by the decree.

Eye protection with “Goggle PPE” is therefore essential for healthcare workers, while wraparound goggles with transparent lenses are an important ally for all people when traveling outside their home or in the workplace.


Transparent Lens:

Why do eye protection devices have clear lenses?

The lenses of PPE and wraparound glasses with clear lens are more efficient for perfect vision in all light conditions. They have the task of offering maximum vision without any alteration of the color contrast and at the same time providing an effective barrier from the micro particles present in the saliva.

In particular, the goggle PPE with transparent lens is equipped with an anti-fog treatment (because the glasses rests on the face thanks to a rubberized frame). The device used also in combination with the optical frame and therefore even eyeglass wearers will be able to protect their eyes in an effective and comfortable way.


How to clean after use?

For cleaning, we recommend several steps. (Healthcare workers sanitize PPE with disinfectants to eliminate every particle of possible external agents).

The person who has used the glasses or the mask with transparent lens during daily life can clean in the following sequence:

Wash the glasses or the mask with running water (cold or lukewarm temperature)

Dry with a soft cloth (no use of paper towels, kitchen paper)

Wipe with cotton moistened with alcohol (and allow to air dry) or use cleaning liquids for cleaning lenses (clean the lens and air dry).

Proper cleaning is essential after each use of PPE or wraparound glasses with transparent lenses.


Lens Cleaning Liquid:

Lens cleaning liquid is a great ally for anyone who uses these eye protection tools. Particularly for cleaning the internal surface of the lens, it not only cleanses and cleans deeply but also forms a film that reduces fogging for the entire following use.

Using the anti-fog cleaning liquid with PPE without air recirculation (if used for cleaning the prescription lens, when used in combination) is a very efficient solution to reduce fogging.


Disposable lens cleaning tissues:

Very convenient always keep at hand, for example when traveling; they are sold in a convenient pack of 24 disposable tissues.


It is the perfect alternative to the bottle of anti-fog cleaning liquid. In fact, it is sufficient to open the package and clean the glasses, without necessarily having to use liquid and film to clean the lens.

Seeing well and protecting the eyes are essential and fundamental characteristics on which BIG LINE bases its mission.


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