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Polarized Sunglasses for Sport Fishing

Polarized Sunglasses for Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is a sport practiced in both fresh and saltwater. It is heavily affected by weather conditions. In fact, those who practice sport fishing are aware that the right equipment can make the difference between a good result and a poor one.

Polarized Sunglasses for sport fishing
Polarized Sunglasses for sport fishing in sea and lake

Regarding eye protection, DEMON has created a line of sunglasses with polarized lenses specific for sport fishing.

The polarized polycarbonate lens, besides being super light, has numerous visual advantages. In fact, it eliminates the transversal reflections of the light and allows to see under the surface of the water. This allows you to understand where to go for the launch in a precise way to increase the chances of success.

Furthermore, the polarized lens is a must for those who practice sport fishing, in fact it allows to keep the eye more remarried even during prolonged use with very high solar intensity.

The main advantages of the polarized lens are:

  • Better perception of contrast
  • Sharper vision
  • No change to natural colors

The frames of the DEMON line of fishing sunglasses are in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the fishing sunglasses 20% lighter than the sunglasses made with conventional materials and increases their durability in the time.

The inner part of the temples and in the part of the nose are in soft hypoallergenic rubber, for some models it is also possible to adjust the nose to adapt the fishing glasses to every face features.

The models for which it is possible to adjust the nose are: LIGHT

Sport fishing polarized sunglasses for lake and sea

In the DEMON line of fishing glasses, it is possible to find enveloping polarized sports eyewear, but also fashion eyewear with an anti-reflective polarized lens, to be technical and be noticed at the same time.

To see our range of sport fishing glasses, Click here

Lake and river sport fishing sunglasses with polarized lenses
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