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Outdoor sunglasses category 4 Lenses

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The hike in the high mountains and in the glacier represents the complete detachment from the city and the total immersion in nature. Mountaineers, hikers and mountain lovers are constantly looking for technical materials to help them climb the summit and make each excursion unique.

outdoor sunglasses for hiking and mountaineering category 4 lenses

Properly protecting the eyes is as important as the choice of shoe or shell, in fact in the mountains and high mountains UV and sunlight are much more intense because they are less shielded from the smog of the city and for the altitude that plays a fundamental role.

Using outdoor glasses with category 4 smoke lenses is the optimal solution for those planning their excursion at high altitudes, glaciers and days with very strong light conditions.

The category 4 lens is particularly suitable for hikers who particularly suffer from strong mountain light. This special lens (darker than category 3) allows you to keep the eye relaxed for the duration of the excursion even with prohibitive lighting conditions.

The glasses with outdoor category 4 lenses are commonly used for extreme expeditions such as: Everest, K2 and peaks over 4000. By type and darkness of the lens these particular glasses serve to avoid the constant blinding of the eyes with very strong light conditions and given the high altitude the glare of the snow diverges upwards the light rays.

The category 4 outdoor lens can also be used for excursions at lower elevations as additional protection for the eyes. They allow a greater sense of relaxation for the eye than the use of category 3 lenses especially for very prolonged use.

Mountaineering sunglasses with category 4 lenses

Technical characteristics of outdoor glasses with category 4 lenses:

  • Protection from light and perfect view of the route: Category 4 outdoor lenses created for mountaineering are nowadays used for hiking at lower elevations because they are very restful for the eye even with strong mountain lighting conditions. The lenses are equipped with anti-fog treatment. The category 4 outdoor lens is particularly suitable for all mountaineers who suffer from very strong light, which often makes it difficult to see the route. Choosing this special lens is equivalent to a guarantee to be able to fully enjoy your excursion.
  • Shatterproof lens: All outdoor glasses with category 4 lenses are constructed with anti-break polycarbonate lenses. In fact, from the safety point of view polycarbonate is the most suitable material for the construction of technical lenses for the mountain. In fact, in case of accidental impact the lens does not generate fragments that could damage the eye but distribute the shock over the entire surface of the lens, forming a spider web-like effect that invalidates the lens.
  • Ultra-light frames: All the frames for outdoor glasses with category 4 lenses are in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber that make the eyewear 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to high and low temperatures, and more resistant to impact and mechanical traction. The TR90 is a hypoallergenic composition, so it can be used for a long time without skin irritation. The rubber parts are in soft Megol also hypoallergenic which not only improves comfort but has Grip technology that increases the stability of the glasses to the face.
  • Technologies: Some models of outdoor glasses with category 4 lenses are equipped with specific technologies that improve their performance. It is important to carefully choose the model according to your needs in order to make the most of the available technologies:

The OUTDOOR, MAKALU and COLORADO models are equipped with sweat sponge, it is made of soft an allergic material. It is used to prevent light from filtering laterally, to prevent dust, insects and leaves from coming into contact with the eyes. And it offers protection from the cold when used at low temperatures.

All 3 models are equipped with a removable elastic cord to increase the grip of the glasses to the face. The COLORADO model also has removable temples, in fact it is possible to use the elastic by anchoring it directly to the frame, giving a grip effect and greater comfort than the other two models.

All items are delivered with a hard case for greater protection of the glasses when it is placed in the backpack.

For those who wear eyeglasses.

For those who wear eyeglasses and look for outdoor glasses with category 4 lenses, the OPTO OUTDOOR RX model has been created with an internal view clip in which to apply graduated lenses. The advantage of using a technical eyewear for the mountains with a combination of prescription lenses.

For more information on the OPTO OUTDOOR RX model click here:

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