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OTG Snow Goggles (Over the Glasses)

OTG Ski Goggles or over the glasses goggles offer protection from the elements whilst allowing room for your prescription eyewear to fit inside. OTG ski goggles offer flexibility and comfort for people requiring corrective eyewear, thermoformed double density foam contour adapting perfectly to prescription glasses.

Alternatively you may want to check out Our Universal optical clip that fit in all goggles of the collection.

All OTG snow goggles have Double antifog lenses and a different air system to contrast perfectly the creation of Fog between Your glass and the lens of the goggle. The orange lens with high contrast make a better View of Your Way.

The elastic band is Regoulable to fit in all Helmets.
Frame and lens have ventilation holes and parts to increase the aeration to create the best conditions for Your eyes.