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Night Skiing Goggles

Skiing at night

Night skiing is a treat for snow enthusiasts who never want to stop. Night skiing is a full immersion in nature.  In fact, the slopes are not as crowded as during the heat of the day. In fact, night-time skiing from the point of view of clothing and protection requires more attention. Temperatures during the night drop dramatically, so the face and our eyes will need more protection. A balaclava can include mouth, cheeks and neck, but how can the eyes be protected in the best way possible?

ski goggles for foggy days and night skiing
ski goggles for foggy days and night skiing

DEMON has created a night-time ski goggles for fans, with a double transparent anti-fog lens. The ventilation holes on the lens are very important, in fact they considerably increase the ventilation and in combination with the anti-fog treatment they prevent the annoying fogging of the mask. Considering the low temperature of the night and the thermal shock with our face, these combined characteristics make the difference between a pleasant skiing and a ski with tarnished goggles.

The transparent lens allows you to see perfectly when you are at night but can be used for foggy or snowy days. The material is polycarbonate, which increases resistance to accidental impacts. Bringing security to a higher level. The super comfortable hypoallergenic internal sponge will make each of your outings a unique and enjoyable experience with any atmospheric condition. It fits best your face, bringing the comfort to excellent levels.

The elastic is embroidered in 3D with a silicone insert, with an adjustment system, so that it can be adjusted at its best. The combination of the elastic with the adjustable side flaps are the winning pair to achieve maximum comfort with any type of snow helmet on the market.

Snowboard goggles with transparent lens

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ski goggle for night skiing with clear lens

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