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Mountain Prescription Eyeglasses for Hiking and Mountaineering

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Mountain Prescription Eyeglasses for Hiking and Mountaineering

Prescription Eyeglasses for the mountains to practice: Mountaineering, Hiking, Trekking and any Outdoor activity.

DEMON loves the outdoor world as you do, and has created a line of prescription eyeglasses for the mountains ideal for the practice of Mountaineering, Hiking and all Outdoor activities to allow mountaineers or even simple mountain enthusiasts to focus only on emotions that the mountain gives us.

Choosing prescription eyeglasses for mountain and mountaineering will allow you to better protect your eyes in any light and climate condition, allowing you to focus solely on immersion in nature and on performance, guaranteeing perfect vision and correction of any visual defect.

In the DEMON line of Mountain Prescription Eyewear, you will find models with:

  • Polarized photochromic lenses 2 – 4: Recommended for the practice of Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering and Hiking. Which, as the UV intensity varies, lighten and darken with starting category 2, reaching Category 4 in the moment of maximum work, with all the benefits of the Polarized lens (better perception of the contrast of natural colors, and sharper vision, eye more rested even in extreme light conditions). Thus obtaining the best view in all weather conditions, because as we all know, the mountain is unpredictable. The OUTDOOR model features polarized and mirrored photochromic lenses, a technical and aesthetic mix for the practice of any OUTDOOR activity.
  • Photochromic lenses 2 – 4: Recommended for the practice of Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering and Hiking. Which, as the UV intensity varies, lighten and darken with starting category 2, reaching Category 4 in the moment of maximum work. Thus obtaining the best vision in all weather conditions, because as we all know, the mountains are unpredictable.
  • Category 4 lenses: Recommended for hiking, mountaineering and Nordic Walking. They are very dark lenses, often used on glaciers. You get the most out of these lenses in areas of high brightness and UV intensity. The category 4 lens is generally used for mountaineering eyewear, it can also be used for trekking excursions by athletes who suffer particularly from intense light.
  • Category 3 lenses: Recommended for Nordic Walking, Hiking and Climbing. They are medium-dark lenses, usable for exits at low altitudes where the use of darker lenses is not necessary. The category 3 lens used by any trekker looking for a mountain eyewear used for every trip at lower altitudes.
  • Polarized Lenses: Recommended for Hiking, Climbing, Nordic Walking. The most comfortable lens ever, it provides a better perception of natural color contrast and sharper vision. In addition, polarized lens can be chosen by the trekker, who is looking for mountain glasses to accompany him on every outing.
  • Category 4 Polarized Lenses: Recommended for mountaineering. This particular lens combines the protection of the category 4 lens with the technicality of the polarized lens.


Choosing the correct mountain prescription eyeglasses for your outdoor adventures is essential to be able to enjoy each excursion to the fullest.

In addition to the lenses described above, there are various models and types of technical glasses for the various disciplines.

The OUTDOOR model optic clip is very wide and supports not only mono focal lenses but also bifocal lenses (ideal for those who need a lens not only for distance vision, but also for near vision for reading instruments such as: GPS or smartphone).

Prescription outdoor sunglasses for high mountain

The optic clip of the models: FUSION and INFINITE OPTIC by size is smaller and only supports single vision lenses for distance vision. These two models are suitable for trekking and hiking, however for those who practice mountaineering we recommend selecting  the OUTDOOR model.

prescription sport glasses polarized lenses for hiking and mountaineering fusion model


An alternative to the choice of the optic clip is mounting graduated lens direct on the frame for the models: VISTA SPORT, SPECIAL and LAYER.

The VISTA SPORT model has the particularity of the wraparound frame, however by mounting the ocular supports the lens from base #8 will become a base #6 reducing the risk of lateral visual distortions and reducing the cost of the lenses.

sport frame for all sports vista sport black

It will therefore be possible to mount sun vision lenses to be able to practice both hiking and mountaineering and correcting any visual defect.

The SPECIAL and LAYER models, on the other hand, are real optical frames built with sports eyewear materials.

Sport frame for prescription lenses for all sports special matt black red

We recommend these models for those who practice hiking and trekking, however  as being less enveloping they protect less from air, side light, and bad weather that can be very annoying at high altitudes.

Ultra-light frames and resistant to high and low temperatures:

The mountain eyewear frames are made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber, which makes Mountain Sunglasses 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to accidental impacts and traction.

The TR90 proves to be the optimal material for the creation of eyeglasses for Mountain and Mountaineering because it has a better resistance at high and low temperatures.

For some models, we provide an adjustable elastic band in Neoprene to obtain greater fit and grip in the most demanding passages. Useful for climbing sections and for the practice of mountaineering.

Furthermore, depending on the model, the internal removable sweatband sponge in hypoallergenic rubber, to prevent drops of sweat from entering the eyes during the phases of greatest fatigue, as well as protecting from lateral sun rays. This technology appreciated particularly by those who practice Mountaineering.

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