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Mountain Bike Sunglasses

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Mountain biking is a discipline known and loved worldwide. Pure adrenaline, speed, fast passes, kicking up the dust, jumps, and vibrations.

Every professional rider or MTB enthusiast is constantly looking for increase in their performance increase and to overcome their own limits.

DEMON has designed and created a line of MTB eyewear built with cutting-edge materials to provide the rider with the perfect and constant vision of the path and maximum safety for their eyes.

Each rider therefore looks for increasingly high-performance materials and technologies to be able to have fun during their riding, but at the same time improve their performance in total safety.

There are essential needs, specifically for eye protection, that all riders have, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs:

– Perfect vision in light changes
– Impact resistance
– Maximum stability of the glasses
– Ergonomics and lightness

The DEMON MTB glasses are designed and built according to these 4 characteristics that we consider FUNDAMENTAL that differentiate a common sports eyewear from a real technical eyewear for Mountain Bike.

Mtb sunglasses demon

Why are these requirements so important?

We will now explain the #4 fundamental requirements on which DEMON’s design and creation of MTB glasses is based:

PERFECT VISION IN THE CHANGES OF LIGHT: The Mountain Bike characterized by continuous changes of light / dark light and vice versa. Entering a tunnel, a forest area, or a simple hilly or mountainous shaded area can force the rider to slow down or in the extreme cases interrupt their activity for a few seconds caused by the difficulty in seeing their path, road or trail. Having to slow down or temporarily interrupt your performance, as well as making the rider nervous, can limit the pleasure of your ride.

Therefore, choosing the best performing MTB eyewear is essential to effectively counteract this type of situation.

What are the most suitable lenses for maximum performance and safety?

Photochromic lenses. These special lenses are the most popular and suitable for those who practice this discipline. Build with top quality polycarbonate, decentralized and optically perfect. Polycarbonate is the most effective material in the construction of MTB eyewear lenses because it is an unbreakable material (another fundamental aspect that we will explain later) and guarantees maximum protection and impact resistance (leaves, branches, stones, insects, etc …).

Phot chromatic lenses are special lenses which, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiate a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the light irradiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to their initial state of transparency. Specifically, therefore, when entering a shaded area (gallery or even very dense forest area) in the absence of light irradiation, the lens returns to the color it has in the non-working phase, carrying out the function of protection from air and projections; meanwhile exiting the shadow zone will revert to the chemical process causing the lens to darken, limiting disturbing  light glare  when exiting the shadow.

This special dynamic lens that constantly adapts to every light variation of the path provides the athlete with the perfect and constant vision of the path. There are 2 different photochromic lens technologies for the MTB eyewear line, which differ substantially according to the needs specifications of the Rider, exponentially increasing performance and safety: – DCHROM Photochromic Lens: It is the evolution of the photochromic lens, it has a slightly darker base color than the other photochromic lenses to reach category 3 during maximum work ( darkness of sunglasses with mirrored lenses). In addition to the remarkable light-dark change speed, they will surprise you for the remarkable sense of relaxation that they can provide to your eyes, even on days with strong solar radiation.

This type of lens is recommended for riders who practice in wooded areas, even very dense, but at the same time alternate their itinerary in wide-open spaces, where prolonged use of a lighter photochromic lens can be annoying.

However, it can be dark (in case of insufficient artificial lighting) for night practice, for which we recommend the Smoke photochromic lens.

Photochromic Dchrom lenses for cycling and mountain biking glasses

– Smoke Photochromic Lens: This particular photochromic lens differs from the DCHROM lens for the coloring in the phase of maximum work of total transparency. It starts the same chemical reaction that darkens the lens by solar radiation. However, in addition to the lighter starting color, during maximum work it has a lighter half shade. This special photochromic lens is particularly suitable for riders who face long areas of very dense forest, for those who often practice mountain biking at sunrise and sunset where the brightness is particularly poor, and especially for those who also practice many night excursions where it is necessary a completely transparent lens for protection from air, leaves, branches and projections.

For those who practice MTB and have these specific needs, we recommend choosing this type of lens to avoid all those possible inconveniences deriving from poor vision of the path.

832 replacement photochromic lenses

IMPACT RESISTANCE (Lenses): Another aspect considered fundamental in the design of MTB eyewear is the choice of safe and unbreakable materials.

Mountain Bike is the cycling discipline that most requires safe and cutting-edge materials for the total protection of the rider. For the protection of the eyes, unbreakable polycarbonate lenses have been created that protect against accidental impacts, even very strong ones, in a safe and effective way for the eyes.

The peculiarity of the polycarbonate lens of the lens mounted on all MTB goggles presents elasticity and resistance. In the event of even a very strong impact, the lens distributes the shock across its entire surface, TOTALLY PREVENTING the creation of small fragments that are harmful to the health of the eye, but creates a “spider web” effect that invalidates the lens. The use of polycarbonate makes it possible to lighten the weight of the MTB glasses, but at the same time increases the safety for the rider’s eyes exponentially.

In the following photos, you will see the result of the test applied to the polycarbonate lens, hit hard and repeatedly with a steel hammer to simulate very strong accidental impacts.

The lens did not suffer any breakage, and in some places, it deformed to absorb the shock. Protecting the athlete’s eyes in the best possible way is the pillar on which DEMON bases the creation of the lenses of all the glasses in the collection.

Unbreakeable lenses for mtb

IMPACT RESISTANCE (Frame): The frame of the MTB eyewear is also resistant to impacts made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber that makes the eyewear 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to shocks accidental and mechanical tractions. Nylon gives the eyewear great elasticity and greater strength. It is non-deformable at high and low temperatures and more durable over time.

MTB Frame impact resistent

MAXIMUM STABILITY OF THE EYEWEAR: The TR90 performs a fundamental function for the stability of the eyewear for MTB, in fact by wearing the eyewear this “widens” to effectively wrap the physiognomy of the head without tightening, and then return to the original shape in non-work phase.

Using glasses that fit perfectly to the face provides greater stability in case of strong vibrations and abrupt and sudden movements typical of MTB. There are also rubberized parts of the frame in soft non-slip Megol to increase the stability of the glasses and prevent all those annoying micro-slips.

You can therefore tackle all the most extreme and uneven paths in total safety with the total stability of the eyewear.

The eyewear also designed for weight distribution, to prevent frontal imbalance towards the tip of the nose. Every detail designed for maximum performance.

Non slip rubber parts for mtb sunglasses

ERGONOMICS AND LIGHTNESS: Not obvious consequence of the construction material of the frame. In fact, the shape of each eyewear designed to wrap the face in absolute comfort. The TR90 and the megol are ergonomic hypoallergenic materials designed to provide maximum comfort even in the most extreme conditions.

Choosing a stable and very comfortable eyewear is essential when choosing your eyewear for MTB. Using uncomfortable or heavy eyewear for very prolonged use can not only distract or annoy the rider, but also lead to a net decrease in performance.

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