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How to clean Sports Glasses

How to clean sport glasses dirty lens
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The fundamental question that every athlete asks is: How can I best clean my sports glasses without the risk of damaging them?

This question is crucial for the proper functionality of one’s sports glasses used for engaging in their favorite sport. Clearly, if the lenses are not clean, the vision will be blurred and not clear, which negatively affects performance during sports activities. Using a dirty lens not only reduces performance but also increases the safety risk of falls or improper execution of technical movements.

It also has a negative physiological effect on the eye itself because visual stress is exponentially increased, quickly fatiguing the eye. Involuntarily, the eye engages in a series of repeated physiological mechanisms to try to focus on the blurry image generated by the dirty lens. When the lens is cleaned, the eye resumes working properly, drastically reducing visual fatigue.

Another very negative aspect to combat is lens fogging, often generated during intense physical exertion, especially when air circulation is insufficient to prevent condensation from settling on the inner surface of the lens. It’s important to know that there are specific chemical treatments available that form an anti-fog film on the inner surface of the lens. However, in certain circumstances, even with proper air circulation, the treatment may not be sufficient to prevent fogging. So, if your sports glasses are equipped with an anti-fog treatment but occasionally fog up… Don’t worry, it’s normal.

For those who use sports glasses without an anti-fog treatment, which inevitably fog up during periods of intense exertion, there are anti-fog cleaning solutions available on the market. These not only clean the lens but also form a temporary anti-fog film on the inner surface, lasting approximately 2 days. In this case, you can combine proper lens cleaning with anti-fog technology.

How to clean sport glasses anti fog spray and microfiber pouch

It remains essential for the health of your eyes to properly clean your sports glasses after each use to eliminate bacteria and dirt that accumulate on the lenses and frames. In addition to the health factor, proper maintenance of your sports glasses is crucial to increase the longevity of each component over time.

Constantly cleaning the lenses prevents the build-up of small dirt deposits that can be difficult to remove. If removed incorrectly, they can cause annoying streaks on the lens surface.

Rule number 1: Clean your sports glasses every time you use them.
As you’re reading this article, think about it: at least once in your life, you’ve cleaned the lenses of your sports glasses with the first fabric you found at that moment, such as a shirt, towel, tissue paper, or similar items. We want to emphasize that the items listed above are great for smudging the lens, even if used carefully and lightly.

Rule number 2: Use only microfiber cloths for lens cleaning.

Here are the two most practical and effective elements that can be used for safe and efficient lens cleaning:

  • Microfiber pouch: This element is the most effective for those who use sports glasses for their favorite sport. It can not only be used for proper lens cleaning but also protects the glasses from smudges when not in use. It’s a cost-effective 2-in-1 solution that extends the life of your sports glasses lens.

For all Demon sports glasses in the Running, Cycling, and Multisport lines, the soft microfiber pouch is included. It can also be purchased separately for €3.50. Click on the photo to access the soft microfiber pouch.

Microfiber case for cleaning sunglasses

Soft microfiber cloth: The soft microfiber cloth is made from the same materials as the aforementioned pouch, but it is solely used for lens cleaning. It can be purchased for €3.00. Click on the photo to access the soft microfiber cloth.

microfiber cloth for cleaning sport sunglasses and prescription glasses

Recommended Techniques by DEMON for Cleaning Your Sports Glasses

Quick Cleaning During Activity: If the lens needs a quick clean during your activity, you can use the two items described above. You can moisten the lens surface with your breath and gently clean the lens with the cloth. Note: It is ESSENTIAL that the microfiber surface is perfectly clean, so remember to clean it with mild soap whenever it gets dirty.
Rule number 3: Always keep the cleaning cloths clean.

Complete Cleaning After Activity: After completing your activity, it is crucial to perform a thorough cleaning of your sports glasses to clean the lens effectively and eliminate bacteria for proper hygiene. Our advice is to clean the glasses (both lenses and frame) with warm water (water that is too cold or too hot may damage the photochromic properties of the lens or the anti-fog treatment, if applicable). We recommend using mild soap, applying a small amount directly to the lens, and cleaning with the microfiber cloth. Rinse with warm water. For drying, you can let the glasses air dry or use a soft cotton cloth. You can also clean the lenses and frame with warm water without soap and use the anti-fog liquid on dry lenses and frames to clean the lens effectively and eliminate bacteria.

Alternatively, if the lenses do not appear visually dirty, you can clean only the frame with warm water and dry it with a cloth, and then use the liquid described above to clean the lenses effectively.
Rule number 4: For lens cleaning, use only warm water to avoid damaging the lens treatments.

Frame Cleaning: To clean the frame effectively, you can use the techniques described above. It is important to know that sports glasses are constructed with different materials compared to sunglasses or prescription frames. Elements such as nose pads or hinges are made of plastic and do not oxidize with water or sweat. For certain parts, such as the intersection between the temples and the front of the frame and the nose pads, we recommend using a lens brush to effectively remove dirt that may accumulate in these hard-to-clean areas with just warm water.
Rule number 5: Use a toothbrush for cleaning the nose pads and hard-to-clean parts.

CAUTION FOR PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES: Proper cleaning of photochromic lenses is of utmost importance. Photochromic lenses are special lenses with a unique chemical treatment that undergoes a reversible chemical reaction upon direct exposure to UV rays, causing the lens to darken or lighten when the irradiation ends. It is crucial to follow the instructions carefully to prevent damage to the chemical treatment and extend the lifespan of the photochromic lens (generally 2 years or 2000 light-to-dark transitions).

Photochromic dchrom lenses for cycling and mtb sunglasses

Use only lukewarm water and avoid cleaning the lens with any type of soap, even if it’s mild.
Use the anti-fog cleaning solution described above when performing a complete cleaning of the lenses.
These two important notes apply not only to the cleaning of photochromic lenses in your sports glasses but also to lenses with anti-fog treatment.

Here are some brief DOs and DON’Ts for cleaning your sports glasses:

The water temperature for lens cleaning should ALWAYS be lukewarm.
For non-photochromic lenses and lenses without anti-fog treatment, you can use mild soap for lens cleaning.
Rinse off any foam with lukewarm water. After drying, clean any smudges with a microfiber cloth.

Never leave your sports glasses in the car under the summer sun or store them near heat sources.

Avoid drying the lenses with paper towels (e.g., Scottex); if necessary, use a soft cotton cloth. Do not clean the lenses with damp paper towels as the cellulose can irreversibly damage the lens.

How did you find this article on cleaning your sports glasses? Useful? We at DEMON hope so! In any case, feel free to write questions or comments below.

For more information, you can find us online in the chat or contact us by email at: info@demonocchiali.it


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