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Gravel and Cycle Tourism Sunglasses

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Gravel and Cycle Tourism Sunglasses

Demon Gravel and Cycle Tourism Sunglasses built with cutting-edge materials for maximum protection of your eyes and perfect vision of the road.

Cycle tourism is a particular type of tourism linked to the world of cycling. Contrary to popular belief, cycle tourism was born in 1889 with the foundation of the first touring cycling club in Europe.

In recent decades, this two-wheeled discipline is becoming more and more popular as it represents the maximum freedom for those who love to travel on their bicycles.

Gravel and Cycle Tourism Sunglasses

What is cycle tourism?

Cycle tourism is the real way to travel on your bicycle, equipped with special bags that contain everything you need for your trip.

It represents an economical way to travel (after purchasing all the equipment to get started) and represents maximum contact with nature or for those looking for a vacation, or a mini escape from the city outside the classic standards.

The practice of cycle tourism exploits the use of cycle roads and gravel paths, but also uses country roads, natural paths and, when not possible, main roads.

Cycle tourism can be practiced individually or in groups through organized trips where amateurs of two wheels with a common goal come together to face the journey together.

Cycle tourism sunglasses

How to practice touring cycling:

Those who practice cycle tourism do so out of love for the environment and a passion for two wheels. In fact, a bicycle, a backpack, a luggage rack is enough to be equipped for the trip.

Love for adventure is a common feature for those who practice this discipline; each stage studied carefully to avoid makeshift camps or find themselves in relatively dangerous situations.

The choice of bicycle is subjective to the rider preferences; in fact, there are cyclists who travel with mountain bikes, gravel bikes or even with pedal assisted bikes.

In recent years, numerous bike hotels have also sprung up throughout Italy. Particular hotels with workshops where the cyclist can check and arrange his bicycle in moments of rest and be safe for the next stage.

Which glasses to use for cycling:

The choice of eyewear for cycle tourism is as important as the equipment for your trip. We consider that the stages, especially for multi-day trips, will take up the whole day. Exposure to sunlight, intense in the hottest moments of the day, will be total.

Choosing a lens that best protects the eyes from light and UV radiation is essential.

It is also essential to choose a comfortable frame to be able to use the bicycle touring glasses for many hours.

Which lens to choose:

There are various types of lenses that you can choose from based on your itinerary.

  • Mirrored lenses
  • Photochromic lenses

Cycle tourism mirror sunglasses

MIRRORED LENSES: Mirrored lenses are the lenses that are the most popular; they are very practical for those who practice cycling mainly in large open spaces without variations in light and for very prolonged use.

The mirrored filter on an internal category 3 smoke base protects the cyclist’s eyes in the best possible way even in very bright light conditions and prolonged use.

The lens is unbreakable for maximum safety in case of accidental bumps.

PHOTOCHROMATIC LENSES: Photochromic lenses are special lenses that darken and lighten according to UV and light intensity.

A dynamic lens, which adapts itself to all the variations of light present in its path. This type of lens guarantees the cyclist the perfect view of the route in all weather and light conditions.

Cycle Tourism prescription glasses

All the frames of the Demon bicycle touring glasses are created in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber that make the glasses lighter than those made with conventional materials. More resistant to shocks and traction, and to high and low temperatures without deformation.

The nose and inner part of the temples are made of soft hypoallergenic Megol, a high-grip material that guarantees not only greater comfort but also great stability of the glasses to the face even with very strong vibrations.

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