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Eyeglasses for Kitesurf

Eyeglasses for kitesurf Demon

Demon Kitesurf eyeglasses for perfect vision and maximum protection of your eyes in all weather conditions.

Eyeglasses for kitesurf Demon

Kitesurfing or commonly “Kite” is a sailing sport practiced both in fresh and saltwater born recently (born in 1999) as an evolution of Surf.


Fundamental for the practice of Kitesurfing is the use of wraparound sports glasses for maximum stability and protection of the eyes from splashes of water.

It is important to know that not all sports eyewears are created equal. In fact, from what it is possible to evaluate an ideal sports eyewear for kitesurfing from a less performing one?

Below is a list of the essential characteristics to choose your next kitesurfing eyeglasses:

  • Lightness, elasticity, impact resistance: All the frames of the DEMON Kitesurf eyeglasses are created in TR90, a special Nylon and carbon fiber composition that makes the glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials, more elastic ( considerable benefit from the lower tension at the temples during use, always maintaining excellent stability). It is also considerably more resistant to impact and traction.
    TR90 is a very resistant material over time, in fact it allows for a longer life span of the glasses. Specifically, it allows to better resist the tension generated by prescription lenses.
  • Wrap around shape: “wrap around” is another essential factor for kitesurfing eyeglasses. The wrap around involves the use of curved lenses that follow the profile of the face, better protecting the eyes from the side light and from all splashes of water, salty or sweet, which could damage the correct vision if in contact with the eyes disturbing the performance. The curvature helps not only to protect the eyes but also the internal prescription lenses mounted on the clip when present, preventing them from coming into contact with fresh or saltwater.
    Maintaining the correct vision allows the athlete to focus solely on performance and have fun surfing the waves as much as possible.
  • Optical sight clip: The optical sight clip is a vision solution for all athletes who need to use prescription lenses to practice their favorite sport. Using the view clip is a performing and at the same time economic solution. In fact, grading the base 8 curved lens of sports glasses is very expensive, and can often create annoying lateral visual distortions caused by the high curvature of the lens. The sight clip completely revolutionizes the concept of sports eyewear. This special technology is pushed directly into the frame of the sports glasses, forming a “double lens” effect where the external one presents the characteristics of the sports glasses, while the internal one will be a common neutral graduated lens. The clip is in base 6 and effectively reduces the possibility of lateral visual distortions, moreover from the point of view of cost compared to a lens in base 8 there is a reduction in costs of about 60%.
  • Elastic band: The elastic band together with the wrap around is another essential aspect. In fact, it allows the athlete not to lose his glasses in case of a fall into the water. Indispensable factor for those who have mounted prescription lenses on their sports glasses, perhaps even particularly expensive.
    For some models proposed by DEMON for kitesurfing, it is possible to completely remove the sports eyewear rods to fit a real elastic band that “anchors” the eyewear to the face, ensuring maximum stability even with very strong bumps and tractions.
Eyeglasses for kitesurf Demon
  • Sweat protection sponge: Another interesting aspect is the sweat protection sponge which protects the athlete’s eyes not only from drops of sweat that could come into contact with the eyes, but also from splashes of water. It is an additional protection included in DEMON kitesurfing eyeglasses that can be removed at will by the athlete.
    For some models the sweat sponge will completely cover the profile of the glasses, for other models it will only be in the higher frame part.
Soft sponge for arizona model


There are various types of lenses that can be used, for different light and atmospheric conditions. Here are the main lenses proposed for kitesurf glasses:

  • Photochromic lenses 2-4: Photochromic lenses 2-4 are special photochromic lenses with smoke base coloring capable of reaching category 4 during maximum work. The starting color is in very light smoke color that allows correct vision even in areas with strong shade or with very low brightness, and in the maximum work phase it is able to reach category 4 with optimal light and UV conditions. It is a special lens created specifically for those looking for a photochromic lens but particularly suffering from very strong light.

Model: OPTO OUTDOOR RX Photochromic lenses 2-4 – Price: € 99.90
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Prescription mountaineering sunglasses opto outdoor rx optical clip
  • Photochromic lenses: Photochromic lenses are lenses which, exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiate a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the irradiation of light disappears, the lenses gradually return to the initial state of transparency.
    In short, they are lenses that vary with the intensity of the light.

Model: INFINITE OPTIC RX Photochromic lenses DCHROM – Price: € 99.90
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Hiking sunglasses with elastic band photochromic lenses infinite optic rx
  • Interchangeable lenses: Identified with the name DCHANGE indicates a pair of glasses with 3 interchangeable lenses. The equipment of each pair of interchangeable lenses includes a pair of Smoke Category 3 lenses (for sunny weather), a pair of Orange Category 2 lenses (for cloudy weather) and a pair of Clear Category 1 lenses (for low light).

Model: INFINITE OPTIC RX Interchangeable lenses DCHANGE – Price: € 84.90
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sport prescription glasses removable temples infinite optic rx
  • Direct graduation on the frame: For all athletes looking for kitesurfing glasses with direct graduation on the frame, DEMON has created VISTA SPORT and OPTO 1, ultralight, enveloping and elastic.

Model: VISTA SPORT – Price: 64.90 €
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sport frame for all sports vista sport black

The characteristics of each individual sports eyewear are available in the product sheet of the individual article in the section dedicated to the description. In this way, choosing your sport glasses from the comfort of your home in our E-commerce will be easy, also thanks to the chat support available for any technical question or doubt about which model is most suitable for you.

For any technical information our operators are also available by phone on +39.0445.315537.

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