Sport sunglasses with photochromic lenses

In this category there are sport sunglasses DEMON with Photochromic lenses. How many times have you hazard a forecast for evaluating the weather, to value about what replacement lenses insert into your pocket? 
All sport have specific needs, DEMON has made a technichal line of eyewear with dynamic lenses, which can adapt to any type of weather and the variation of brightness and UV rays. 

Photochromatic lenses are lenses that set off a reversible chemical reaction, causing them to darken when exposed to UV radiation or solar light in general.

Once the radiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to their original transparent colour.

Our photochromatic lenses are in polycarbonate, decentered, optically correct and filter 100% of UV rays.

The DEMON line includes three types of Photochromatic lenses. The factors that distinguish them are essentially the base colouring and the category of protection they can obtain:

»SMOKE: starts at Category 1 and darkens to almost reach Category 3.
»PINK: starts at Category 2 and darkens to reach Category 3.
»SMOKE 2-4: starts at Category 2 and arrives at Category 4, For high mountain.
The use of this special type of lens has a lot of benefits, and represent the best technology currently existing in the market. First, the comfort, because a lens that varies constantly on your route allows the athlete to concentrate only on the performance. 
The frames of the eyewear with photochromic lenses are in TR90, wich is a special composition of Nylon and fiber of carbon. Frames in TR90 are 20% lighter than conventional materials and are more resistant to shock and traction.
Each article in this category has different technical characteristics depending for the type of sport. 
For example sunglasses for mountain have an elastic band to improve the comfort, others are very light (for cycling or running). 
No compromise, no sacrifice, top performance always and anyway. DEMON is the solution for all sports fans - whether professionals or enthusiastas - who never stop, who drive themselves beyond the most extreme limits.