832 DCHROM Photochromic Lenses Carbon Red

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NEW 2017

- Microfiber Case

DCHROM Photochromic Lenses developed and distributed by DEMON. We offer the best Quality/Price ratio of the market. Available in Our Store.

The DCHROM Photochromic Lenses 832 model provides 100% protection from UV rays and a perfect view through the polycarbonate lens Anti-scratch decentralized. The ultra light, elastic material of the frame in combination with terminal nose pads and tips and soft rubber hypoallergenic anti-slip, offer an exceptional comfort.

DCHROM Photochromic lenses are lenses that set off a reversible chemical reaction, causing them to darken when exposed to UV radiation or solar light in general. Once the radiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to their original transparent colour. Our Photochromic lenses are: in polycarbonate, decentered, optically perfect and 100% anti-UV.
This Special lenses start from category 2 (light smoke color) and reach category 3.
The feeling of the eye with this special lenses forgot to Yourself that You're wearing a pair of sunglasses.

The factors that distinguish them are essentially the base colouring and the category of protection they can obtain, this photochromatic lenses starts at Category 1 and darkens to almost reach Category 3.
Microfiber Case included to protect lenses from scratches and for cleaning lenses.

Frame Width: 142,0mm; Height: 40,0mm
Temple Lenght: 118mm; Lens Base: 8
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Price (vat incl.):
62,90 €
+ shipping cost