No compromise, no sacrifice, top performance always and anyway. Just a few words to sum up the mission of BigLine, the leader in the sports eyewear sector - specs and goggles - that since 1975 has made its brand names a synonym of success: DEMON,  DMN, PAOLO SARTI E BIRIKINI.

DEMON, high-end eyewear produced and distributed by BigLine, embodies corporate ideals and objectives. DEMON is the solution for all sports fans – whether professionals or enthusiasts - who never stop, who drive themselves beyond the most extreme limits.

DEMON is a lifestyle, pure energy, creativity, innovation, colour, and community. DEMON is the spirit of sports to the umpteenth power, the purest expression of passion. DEMON is a must for those who refuse to compromise on cutting-edge materials, high-quality lenses, comfort, fit, and total freedom.

Discover the DEMON in you!