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E-Bike sunglasses

Electric bike glasses built with ultra-light and durable materials, for maximum fun and safety on your E-bike.

E-Bike sunglasses

The E-Bike is a world in constant evolution, for anyone who wants to have fun on the bicycle, without age limits, universal.

The clothing for the athlete using an e-bike is not so different from the cyclist using a muscle bike. Shoes with a more fashionable look but still secure and performant have been created, technical clothing that is breathable and protective from cold and water for the winter season. Protective helmets for maximum safety in case of a fall or accidental impact.

Which E-bike glasses to choose?

To protect the eyes, Demon has created a line of perfect eyewear for the practice of Road Cycling and Mountain Biking.
Two distinctions can be made between athletes who use E-bikes based on their clothing and types of routes for outings:

  • Someone who prefers technical clothing: The cyclist who seeks only the most technologically advanced materials, the utmost in lightness, and who won’t give up anything at all prefers technical clothing.
    This type of cyclist chooses their eyewear based on its technicality, lightness, and lens technology to increase their sporting performance in total eye safety. A line of technical eyewear with lenses has been specifically created: Photochromic, interchangeable, or polarized to face any route and any light condition.
E-bike sunglasses with technical lenses

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  • Fashionable Cyclist: prefers technical glasses but with a touch of extravagance. The eyewear outfit is obligatory. Mirrored lenses, particular shapes characterize the choice of the electric bike glasses, it is no longer the frantic search for technicality but also adds the “beautiful” element. Demon has also created a Fashion / Sport line with glasses with a fashionable look built with the materials of sports glasses for maximum performance with that extra touch on the look.
Sunglasses for Fashion E-bike cyclist

For those who wear glasses?

For all electric bike cyclists who have difficulty reading the Demon Display, Demon has created a sport-view line. Reading the instrument effectively will be the norm to allow you to focus solely on the pleasure of the ride.

Prescription Cycling glasses with optical clip

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