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Cycling sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

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Shop all the Cycling Suglasses with Polarized Lenses for Men and Women on the official Demon online store.

When we talk about cycling or MTB glasses with polarized lenses, we often find ourselves with clearly contrasting opinions. It is important to know the type of lens, the advantages and disadvantages, and the benefits of using it to understand if using a polarized lens for cycling or mountain bike is for you.

Sport sunglasses with polarized lenses

What is the polarized lens?

The polarized lens recognizable in the Demon line with the name DPOL is a particular lens created in unbreakable plastic material that in addition to protection from UV rays, is able to concentrate and diverge light rays and attenuate UV-A and UV-B radiations through a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflections.

It can be used for the practice of any sport and is also used for the creation of many fashion glasses.

The polarized lens initially born as a lens for sport fishing, in fact the characteristic of eliminating reflections allows the fisherman to see the clearest part of the water, therefore helping him fishing. Used later for all water sports, and finally carried in all sports and outside the purely sporting ambit.

Road cycling sunglasses polarized lens
Road cycling sunglasses polarized lens

The advantage of the polarized lens is the sense of relaxation that manages to convey to the eyes.

The polarized lens is shown to be the most restful lens for the eyes currently present on the world market.

Advantages of the polarized lens in cycling glasses:

  • Better perception of contrast
  • Clearer vision
  • No modification of natural colors
  • Elimination of transverse reflexes

The benefits of using a polarized lens for cycling are many, some of them can be noticed as soon as we put on the glasses, others when a green expanse opens before our eyes, even when a couple of hours have passed from the beginning of the ride with the sun very strong and the eye is rested as if it had just begun.

The polarized lens for road cycling is often used because generally the exit time with the racing bike is longer than a ride with a mountain bike. In summer, especially on sunny days, using a polarized lens can make the difference between a “visually painful” ride and a complete relaxation for the eyes.

Many people use polarized cycling glasses for mountain bikes, this is because when you are in contact with nature, the high contrast and the better perception of natural colors make the result unique.

Those who choose polarized glasses for cycling often use the same eyewear also for other disciplines such as: hiking in the mountains, running if you don’t have time to go out on your bike, play tennis, beach volleyball on the beach, etc. Because the polarized lens is suitable for practicing any type of sport.

cycling sunglasses with polarized lens
Crash Polarized DPOL lenses for Road Cycling and all sports total black

Technical features:

It is very important to consider that the polarized lens for cycling glasses is made of unbreakable plastic. It is essential not only the visual perfection of the lens but also maximum safety in the event of an accident or accidental impact with obstacles and projections such as: leaves, branches, insects, pebbles, dust.

In the event of a very strong impact the lens does not break and does not generate fragments that could damage the eye but forms a spider web effect caused by the transmission of the impact on the entire surface of the lens.

The frames are in TR90 a special hypoallergenic composition of nylon and carbon fiber that makes the eyewear 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation, and much more resistant to impact and mechanical traction.

This special composition has a memory, it means that when the glasses are worn this one widens to better adhere to the shape of the head and then return to its original state when it is not used.

The non-slip rubber parts are made of soft Megol, a special ultra-light hypoallergenic plastic material that combined with the TR90 allows you to create ultralight and comfortable glasses.

Some models are equipped with a nose piece with an aluminum core, which makes it possible to widen and tighten the size of the nose piece to adapt the polarized glasses for cycling to any shape of nose.

The glasses with polarized lenses for cycling and mountain bikes currently in the collection is the CRASH model, click here to access the product’s technical sheet.

Road cycling glasses with polarized lens crash model

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