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Cycling Sunglasses with Interchangeable Lenses

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Shop all the Cycling sunglasses with Interchangeable lenses for Men and Women on the official Demon online store.

The world of cycling is a continuous evolution of new technologies and materials where the only common goal is the improvement of the athlete’s performance. The performance and enjoyment of living the bicycle to the full is the fundamental aspect that every enthusiast or agonist looks for in every ride with his beloved bicycle.

Every aspect, from the tire of the bicycle, frame, gearbox, clothing, glasses and other accessories are chosen with extreme care based on the specific needs of the cyclist.

It is fundamental that you practice road cycling or mountain biking and choose glasses that protect your eyes not only from light and air, but also from any projections such as dust, insects, leaves and branches (for those who practice MTB) and that resists without breakage and protects the eye in the event of accidental impact.

DEMON has created a line of cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses for the practice of MTB and road cycling dedicated to increasing the athlete’s performance and maximum protection and eye safety.

cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses for road cycling
Cycling sunglasses for road cycling and MTB with interchangeable lenses

Lens characteristics:

  • Shatterproof lenses: Interchangeable lenses for cycling and MTB glasses are made of anti-breakage polycarbonate. Essential for the safety of your eyes during your trip. The lens, in addition to being lighter than lenses made with conventional materials, has a greater resistance factor, in fact in the case of very strong impacts, such as a fall, or an impact against a branch or a stone raised by the athlete in front of you, will not suffer a clear break.

The interchangeable lenses used for cycling glasses are built in such a way that if they suffer a very strong impact, they will not be damaged by generating fragments that can come into contact with your eyes, but form a “spider web” effect that invalidates the lens but absorbs the lens. ‘bump and diverges it all over its surface without breaking.

  • Sense of depth: Often it is underestimated by many athletes, another fundamental aspect for a lens for those who practice cycling, in particular for the MTB is the sense of depth. Using a decentralized and optically perfect lens allows the athlete not only to have the perfect sense of the depth of the path, but also to be able to see an object or obstacle exactly where it is located.

Take for example a rider during an outing with his MTB: he is facing a difficult and narrow pass at very slow speed, with a decentralized and optically perfect lens he can see exactly the space where to insert the wheel, otherwise if the lens it does not have these characteristics it risks having a visual distortion and a wrong sense of depth that can reach even 5cm. Using technical materials not only increases performance, but makes the difference between success and a fall in the most critical points.

  • Air protection: The lenses are enveloping and created to better protect the athlete’s eyes from the air and at the same time provide ventilation to prevent fogging. They also protect against dust, insects and small pebbles that can be lifted by the athlete who can be found in front of you at that moment.
Road cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses
Road cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

Types of lenses:

The interchangeable cycling lenses for MTB and Road Bikes are named with DCHANGE technology, each model is equipped with a very simple lens coupling / release system that allows the operation to be performed in just a few seconds. In our Youtube channel: DemonSunglasses there are videos demonstration tutorials on the lens change of each model in the collection.

The following are the specifications of each interchangeable lens for cycling and MTB glasses in the collection:

  • Smoke Lens Category 3: The Smoke Lens Category 3 is commonly referred to as “the mirrored lens” in fact it is built internally in smoke (the darkness of common sunglasses) and externally it is often characterized by strong mirroring. This particular lens is generally used for road cycling in both sunny and cloudy weather. It is important to specify that unlike MTB road cycling is characterized by fewer light changes, so even if the weather is cloudy the lens is not too dark.

Smoke interchangeable lenses for cycling sunglasses

For those who practice mountain biking this lens is recommended for intense and very intense sunny days. It is also important to specify that if the path includes very long stretches of thick bush even if the sun is very intense, we recommend the use of an orange lens. If the route is mixed, it can be used and guarantees excellent performance.

The advantage of using this interchangeable lens for road cycling or MTB and the sense of relaxation for the eyes even for very prolonged use and with very intense sun.

  • Orange Lens category 2: This interchangeable lens for road cycling and MTB is mainly used for mountain biking. It is preferred to the smoke lens if the chosen route is characterized by long stretches of very dense forest with poor visibility or in cloudy weather.

For those who practice Road bike can be used for cloudy or rainy days, even if using an orange lens affects the aesthetics of the eyewear, and often even with less intense sunny days the cyclist prefers to use the mirrored lens more aesthetically than practical.

  • Transparent Lens category 1: The interchangeable transparent lens for mountain bikes is essential for night-time outings, in fact it carries out the task of protecting the eye from: Air, leaves, branches, insects, dust and other obstacles in the path without “darkening “Minimizing the vision of the route.

Night racing is rarer on racing bikes, except for special events or sporadic situations. In the event that in your plans there is some night-time ride with the racing bike we advise you to evaluate this lens.

Regardless of BDC or MTB you can use this lens even for very cloudy or rainy days.

orange and clear interchangeable lenses for cycling sunglasses

Frame Features:

The frame of the cycling and MTB glasses with interchangeable lenses is created in TR90. A special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber that guarantees 20% more lightness than conventional materials, greater mechanical resistance to traction and impact and structural tension of the gear change lenses.

This special material gives the glasses with interchangeable lenses for cycling greater durability.

The rubber parts inside the temples and the rubber in the part of the nose is in Megol: a special plastic material whose main characteristic is the anti-slip and softness.

Some models have an internal aluminum foil that allows the adjustment of the nose pad.

The models with interchangeable lenses for road and MTB cycling are: 832 – TIGER – RECORD – TRAIL – VISUAL

For those who use eyeglasses:

For those who need corrective lenses, models of prescription glasses have been created for road cycling and mountain biking with interchangeable lenses. Where it is possible to create and install, through your trusted optician, corrective lenses for cycling.

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cycling sunglasses with prescription lenses

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