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Sunglasses for Road Cycling and Mountain Bike

Cycling is effort, dedication, sacrifice, passion. Each athlete is in constantly challenge against himself, against the tension, the physical decrease and atmospheric conditions. But cyclist loving all these things. Loving the effort of the race, and the great satisfaction of the finish line. Enjoy the views and smile for having made it. Hear the sound of your own pedaling dominated by the surrounding of nature. Living the philosophy of the two wheels.

DEMON loves you as the world of Bike, and has made a line of Road Cycling Sunglasses and Mtb to allow Professionals or amateurs to focus only on their performance and emotions that cycling gives.

man riding a bicycle while wearing Demon Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses for Road Cycling and Mountain bike differ from regular sunglasses.They Shield your eyes from bright sunlight and harmful UV rays, and also offer protection from the wind, rain, dust, grit and bugs that can impair your vision. they also have a wraparound design so they sit closer to your face. 


DEMON Cycling Line have model with:

  • Photochromic Lenses: that are lenses that set off a reversible chemical reaction, causing them to darken when exposed to UV radiation or solar light in general. Once the radiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to their original transparent color. Our photochromic lenses are in polycarbonate, decentered, optically correct and filter 100% of UV rays. The DEMON cycling line includes three types of Photochromic lenses. The factors that distinguish them are essentially the base coloring and the category of protection they can obtain: SMOKE that starts at Category 1 and darkens to almost reach Category 3 and PINK that starts at Category 2 and darkens to reach Category 3. This special Lenses can be a useful and appealing alternative if you don't want to have to worry about changing lenses.


  • Interchangeable lenses: that are lenses in polycarbonate, antiscratch, decentered and optically correct, interchangeable lenses make for on-the-spot adaptably of our specs according to changes in weather conditions. Changing lenses is simple and quick, also thanks to the special, super-lightweight material used for the frame, TR90 Ultralight. Each pair of specs with interchangeable lenses comes complete with smoke Category 3 lenses, a pair of Orange Category 2 lenses and a pair of Clear Category 1 lenses. 


  •      Smoke lenses: Category 3, guaranteed 100% UV protection. These lenses give their best performance with bright and sunny weather.
  •      Orange lenses: Category 2, guaranteed 100% UV protection. These lenses give their best performance with cloudy or overcast weather
  •      Clear lenses: Category 1, guaranteed 100% UV protection. These lenses give their best performance with rain or heavily overcast weather.


  • Polarized Lenses: that  guarantee 100% protection from UV rays and more: this special type of lens is even capable of concentrating of diverging light rays and attenuating the UV-A and UV-B radiations by means of a polarizing filter to eliminate glare.

    These particular charateristics make them excellent for all sport, but also for any recreational activity in that they prevent eyes from tiring.

    The advantages of polarized lenses are:

    »improved perception of contrast

    »clearer vision

    »no changes in natural colours

man riding a bicycle while wearing Demon Sunglasses

DEMON cycling sunglasses frames are in TR90. A special composition of Carbon Fiber and Nylon, which makes the cycling sunglasses 20% ​​lighter than conventional materials. More resistant to accidental crash and pulls of changing lenses. And last but not least give them a longer life. 

Fit is the a key criteria to choose a new pair of cycling sunglasses. They MUST be comfortable with no pinch points or excessive tightness, and they need to sit close to your face and not obscure your vision (that is more important for Athlethes that pratice Mountain Bike). 

Some models have adjustable nosepad to increase the fit for a wide range of faces. Cycling sunglasses must be stable, so they don’t have to bounce around or slip forward. The rubber contact points will help the glasses stay put when you sweat a lot. Generally, a sign of good fit is that you forget you're wearing them when you're cycling. 

Some cycling sunglasses offer a prescription option, with the clip-in lenses behind that is possible to find in the category PRESCRIPTION SPORT SUNGLASSES.

man riding a bicycle while wearing Demon Sunglasses

The attention of details make DEMON the brand with the best Quality/Price ratio in the market.

Request only the best for your eyes. No compromise, no sacrifice, top performance always and anyway.