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Cycling Glasses with Progressive Lenses

Cycling glasses with progressive lenses for the athlete who wears corrective progressive lenses for the practice of their preferred cycling discipline.

Whoever practices cycling in all its disciplines: Mountain Bike, Road Cycling, Gravel, and all the other disciplines and has the need to use progressive lenses to view the route and read the instrumentation often finds it difficult to choose the most suitable eyewear that meets all the requirements to practice their favorite sport with complete freedom, safety and seeing well.

Cycling Glasses with Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are a special type of lens that provide clear and dynamic vision at all distances – near and far – using just one pair of eyeglasses.

Progressive lenses are also called multifocal lenses, and they are composed of three areas of vision, with no visible line of separation for an excellent aesthetic look and maximum comfort:

  • Close: Lowering your gaze will give you a clear view of what is close.
  • Intermediate: It is the middle portion of the lens to achieve perfect vision at medium distance.
  • Far: It is the upper portion of the lens to achieve a clear far vision.

With one progressive lens, it is possible to correct myopia, hypermetropia and/or astigmatism. The same lens also corrects presbyopia, which is the difficulty of seeing things at reading distance.

Why choose a cycling glasses with progressive lenses?

For those who practice cycling, there are various solutions for correcting various visual defects, generally one often had to make compromises because the clip system was not large enough to mount a progressive lens and thus one was contented with a single-focus lens for the correction of myopia, thus preventing the reading of the instrumentation, or by using direct graduation of the frames often poorly technical for the practice of cycling and not very attractive aesthetics.

Demon has developed various solutions both on clip system and direct graduation to the frame for cycling that support progressive lenses. The technical aspect of progressive eyeglasses for cyclists is essential to ensure perfect vision of the route (Road, Off-Road, Track) is essential. In addition, the glasses must protect against the air and all projections such as dust and insects, be comfortable for prolonged use and effectively resist fogging.

The aesthetic aspect is however as important as the technical aspect of glasses and lenses.
Demon is constantly researching and developing in creating new aesthetically aggressive yet functional designs.

Progressive lenses for cycling

Reading of instruments

Often, the athlete who wears progressive lenses in daily life for cycling had to settle for an eyeglass with monofocal lenses or non-technical frames to fit progressive lenses. However, with monofocal lenses it was impossible to read the instrumentation, so certain technologies had to be given up. With the advent of e-bikes, reading the screen is almost essential to keep all the parameters (such as battery level) under control. Choosing cycling glasses with progressive lenses for your discipline not only guarantees perfect vision of the instruments, but also allows you to focus solely on your performance and the pleasure of pedaling.

multifocal progressive lenses for cycling and reading instruments

Types of Cycling Gradation with Progressive Lenses:

To fit a cycling glass with progressive lenses there are two possible choices.

Optical Clip: The clip revolutionizes the concept of the classic sport frame, this special technology is pressed directly into the sport frame protecting from light, forming a “double lens” effect where the outer lens has the characteristics of the sport frame, while the inner lens will be transparent and progressive for perfect vision of the path. To create progressive lenses on optical clip technology, very generous dimensions are needed for the perfect vision of the athlete. In the Demon PERFORMANCE collection, the cycling model supports progressive lenses and is available in 3 different versions:

Optical clip performance model
Optical clip performance model

Optical support: Optical support is an alternative for those who do not want to use optical clip technology. It is possible to grade both in base 8 (particularly expensive) however for those with particularly high astigmatism this type of graduation is particularly expensive. Grading in base 6 through optical support is a valid alternative that reduces the possibility of lateral visual distortion and significantly reduces the cost of progressive lenses compared to base 8.

sport frame for all sports vista sport black

The VISTA SPORT model is the Demon collection model that supports this special technology.

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