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Getting back in shape after the summer through sports activities
Hiking and Mountaineering Blog

Improve your physical fitness after the summer

Getting back in shape after the summer through sports activities is a common goal for many people who may have indulged in a bit too many culinary pleasures and moments of relaxation during the summer holidays. Read the guide.

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Birdwatching glasses
Hiking and Mountaineering Blog

Birdwatching Glasses

When choosing glasses for birdwatching, it is important to consider several features to maximize bird observation. Read More

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Geocaching glasses
Hiking and Mountaineering Blog

Geocaching Glasses

Geocaching Glasses, enhance your treasure hunt by seeing the tracks and surrounding nature more clearly. Maximum eye protection for enjoying your favorite activity.

Geocaching is an activity that involves the search for hidden “caches” in specific locations using GPS coordinates. This practice adds a treasure hunting element to hiking.

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Orienteering Glasses
Hiking and Mountaineering Blog

Orienteering glasses

Orienteering glasses are a useful accessory to enhance visibility and precision during the practice of this discipline.
Here are some features to consider when choosing glasses for orienteering. Read More

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Woman glacier glasses
Hiking and Mountaineering Blog

Via ferrata glasses

The glasses to be used during via ferrata activities should provide good protection against external elements such as intense sunlight, wind, dust, and debris. Additionally, they should be sturdy enough to withstand any accidental impacts or falls.

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Men's glacier glasses
Hiking and Mountaineering Blog

Glacier Glasses

Glacier glasses are a type of sunglasses specifically designed for protection against intense sunlight and ultraviolet radiation found at high altitudes, such as in the mountains or on glaciers.
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