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Bifocal Sports Glasses

Bifocal Sports Glasses

Bifocal sport glasses, for those who need bifocal prescription lenses for their favorite sport

For all athletes who have difficulty reading the instruments during their favorite sporting activity: GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Bike Computer or a simple map, DEMON has created VISTA SPORT, the evolution of the sports frame for an extended lateral field of view, which completely revolutionizes the concept of eyeglasses in sports. Thanks to the use of special ocular supports that make the curved lens typical of sports glasses in a flat base 6 to install Bifocal lens. (Video Review Above)

VISTA SPORT differs from the common sports frames for the following advantages:

  • Wrapping: The first difference that can be seen between VISTA SPORT and a sports vision frame is the wrapping. You will therefore get all the benefits deriving from the shape of the frame typical of sports glasses including better stability of the glasses on your face during use, greater comfort, greater protection from light, greater safety in case of accidental impact, nice design and aggressive look.
  • Base 6 lens: The base 6 lens is essential for creating bifocal lenses for practicing your favorite sport.              The optical insert which brings the lens to base a 6 therefore allowing significant costs reduction, and the considerable reduction of the risk of creating lenses that could create lateral visual disturbances (typical of the more curved lenses in base 8).
  • Wider side view: The side view is much wider than the use of classic eyeglass clips, which often greatly limit the side view.
  • No limitation of powers: Another great advantage not to be underestimated is the possibility of mounting any type of power for visual correction. This is very useful especially in the creation of bifocal lenses for sports use.
  • Ultralight and resistant frame: The eyepiece holder is made of TR90 (nylon and carbon fiber) like the frame, even when mounting lenses that carry tension to the eyepiece support, the frame will withstand perfectly without breaking. Another aspect often underestimated but of great importance.

Frame material:

The frame and the ocular inserts are made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber that makes them ultra-light and resistant (20% lighter than using conventional materials). The importance of using this special inserts is due to its great resistance to: impacts, tractions and tensions, it will not only resist without deformations to accidental impacts and high and low temperatures, but the ocular inserts will be able to withstand even the mounting of bifocal lenses with particular characteristics (specific for the visual correction of the athlete) that could create strong tension to the frame.

The TR90 differs from other materials in its durability, in fact it is a very long-lasting composition, a fundamental aspect in the case where an important amount is spent for the creation of one’s own prescription lenses.

The material is hypoallergenic and can be used even in the most extreme conditions and for very prolonged use without irritation to the skin.

sport frame for all sports vista sport black

For which sports is recommended:

VISTA SPORT is recommended for all sports that use progressive vision, below we list the main sports in which it can be used and where it can express the maximum of its performance.

  • Cycling: Often the cyclist, whether you practice Mountain Bike or prefer the Road Bike, may have difficulty in reading the kilometer count of your bicycle, or even simply reading your smartphone. Creating bifocal vision lenses on the VISTA SPORT model for cycling is one of the best performing alternatives currently on the market for their optical frames. Using bifocal eyeglasses for cycling is the most effective solution for those who have difficulty reading all the instruments, you will immediately notice the benefits and at the end of the day you will feel less tired eyes. For the perfect visual relaxation throughout the ride on your bicycle.
  • Running and Trail Running: As for cycling, the Runner or Trail Runner also has tools with very small screens (ex GPS, heart rate monitor or simple smartphone). Fundamental not to strain the eyes and at the same time maintain visual relaxation is to choose bifocal lenses for the practice of running and trail running, which will prevent having to interrupt the performance to check the activity data. Using sports running glasses with bifocal lenses is one of the best performing alternatives on the market compared to the use of common optical frames.
  • Hiking and Mountaineering: For the trekker in particular especially for reading the GPS or even to take a picture with your smartphone using a bifocal mountain sports glasses is the technical solution for the perfect view of your path and your tools without no difficulty or hard work for the eyes.
  • Sport fishing: In sport fishing the use of a bifocal sporting eyewear is essential for all athletes who find difficulty in the attack phase of the bait on the hook, or in the same phase of fixing the hook. For all those small parts that we would need a zoom.

We also recommend any sport you practice creating anti-breaking lenses to better protect your eyes from accidental impacts, and the choice of anti-fog treatment to best counter the creation of condensation on the inner surface of the glasses.

It is important to point out that the choice and creation of the lenses will be agreed by the client with his own trusted optician. This will allow the customer to choose the type and color of the lens that best suits his needs in order to obtain a bifocal sport eyewear for the practice of his own unique and performing sport.

optical lens inserts for sports glasses with bifocal lenses

Optical Lens Inserts for wrapping sport glasses frame

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