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Sports sunglasses to practice freely and safely all kinds of sports. How important is to use a technical sunglasses in the pratice of your favourite sport? Is essential for two reasons:

  • It protects from UV rays, accidental impacts and from air and small insects. 
  • It also allows you to maintain a more relaxed expression of your face when you performance became hard.

"Less muscles are involved in the effort, more energy you save. The equation is very simple." Said Stefano Baldini, in an interview, referring to his secrets used to win the marathon in Athens 2004.

We can learn a lot by champions secrets. That our goal is a marathon, at national or international level, or just a run to keep fit, that we participate in tournaments of tennis or beach volley, or we are simply enthusiastic of sport in general we can require the best material and technologies for our eyes.

DEMON love all sports, and has made a line of high-technology sport sunglasses for every kind of sport. Each model has technical features that make it unique and inimitable. 

There are several factors to consider when finding the right pair of sunglasses to satisfy the demands of your sport. For example, if long bike rides are your thing, opt for Photochromic lenses that became darker with UV rays, lightweight frames with side ventilation to beat temple-dripping sweat. You can find this special sport sunglasses in this Category: CYCLING SUNGLASSES

And if you want versatile sunglasses that double for workout and casual wear, there's an option for you, like: BOWL model.


In SPORT SUNGLASSES category there are Sports Eyewear with:

  • Polarized Lenses: that guarantee protection from UV rays and more: this special type of lens is even capable of concentrating of diverging light rays and attenuating the UV-A and UV-B radiations by means of a polarizing filter to eliminate glare.

    These particular charateristics make them excellent for all sport, but also for any recreational activity in that they prevent eyes from tiring.

    The advantages of polarized lenses are:

    -improved perception of contrast

    -clearer vision

    -no changes in natural colours


    • Category 3 lenses: In first quality policarbonate, that ensure prevention of 100% of UV rays, this kind of lenses are the best lenses for very sunny days. 
    • TR90: Frames are in TR90 ultralight that is a special composition of Nylon and fiber of carbon. Frames in TR90 are 20% lighter than conventional materials and are more resistant to shock and traction. 

    No compromise, no sacrifice, top performance always and anyway. DEMON is the solution for all sports fans - whether professionals or enthusiastas - who never stop, who drive themselves beyond the most extreme limits.