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Airsoft Safety Glasses

Military glasses, also called ballistic glasses, are fundamental tools for equipping every athlete / enthusiast who practices Airsoft. They perform double protection, primarily to protect the eye from the enemy shots, and must also protect the eye from air, dust and all the elements that could come into contact with the eyes, reducing safety and performance.

The eyewear is an essential element of the equipment of every athlete who practices Airsoft, in the market there are a myriad of tactical glasses that apparently look the same, we now analyze in a technical way the fundamental characteristics, materials and technologies to choose your new glasses for Airsoft.

Let’s start from the assumption that Airsoft safety Glasses are a simple-looking tool that at the same time requires careful evaluation. Basically, because the glasses are not all the same and different features will be better performing for some situations or conditions of light and climate than others. To ensure maximum fun in complete safety, DEMON has created a detailed guide for you to help you choose the eyewear that best suits your needs.


What is the difference between ballistic glasses and other glasses? An apparently ballistic eyewear can look like other glasses used for sports use, actually materials that make up lenses and frames are very similar, in recent years there has been a total evolution in the construction of sports eyewear, safety has become the element fundamental, they too are constructed with anti-rupture lenses , elastic and ultra-resistant frames to prevent accidental impacts.


Airsoft safety Glasses are fitted with anti-break polycarbonate lenses, polycarbonate lenses are different from normal glass lenses, which we absolutely do not recommend for Airsoft safety, as they involve extremely high risks for the eye in case of breakage.

Polycarbonate is a special plastic composition with high impact resistance. The peculiarity of this material is that in case of impact, even very strong, the lens distributes the shock throughout the surface. The resistance to the impact tension is therefore very high, this allows to create very fine and at the same time ultra-resistant lenses, allowing to considerably reduce the overall weight of the glasses.

The lens must be curved and wide, at the same time it must be well adherent to the face to better protect the eyes from enemy shots, and from all the obstacles you might encounter on the battlefield: leaves, branches, tall grass and dust. The protection in addition to being wide frontally, should also be lateral. DEMON lenses are therefore created to offer greater lateral protection, an often-overlooked feature.

Regoulation temples for military glasses


The best eyewear is the one we forget we are wearing! This is DEMON basic requirement for the creation of every sports frame. Airsoft safety glasses have frames made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. It is also more resistant to impacts and tractions. It is more resistant than standard materials at high and low temperatures without deformation. The TR90 is equipped with a “memory”, which means that when we wear the frame it “widens” to comfortably wrap the head, and when it is removed it will return to its original shape. The advantage of using this special composition is the exponential increase in the life span of tactical Glasses.

To increase comfort the Airsoft safety glasses of the DEMON line are equipped with an adjustable rod, in fact it is possible to adjust the length of the rod at will for maximum comfort and the perfect fit for every face.

The rubber parts are made of soft hypoallergenic MEGOL , they not only increase in comfort during the fit but have a non-slip characteristic, in fact, even in the phase of great fatigue or strong vibrations the Airsoft safety glasses remain stable to the face preventing the annoying micro slipping towards the tip of the nose.


Often underestimated is the reason of choosing half frame compared to full frame? The common place is to think a half frame that does not protect as much as a full frame, that is not true.

A half frame with a curving wraparound lens is able to offer the same protection as a pair of glasses with a full frame. The main advantage is another, in fact using an half frame with a curving wraparound  lens allows you to increase the field of view in the front, we will be able to see more effectively where we put our feet, because the vision in the lower part will be wider.


Now let’s get into the technical, because the glasses must protect the eyes from impacts, but must also guarantee the perfect and constant vision to allow the athlete to achieve maximum performance and fun.

There are various colors of lenses, each for different conditions of light, environment or climatic condition. We explain in detail below the various colors of the lenses and for what conditions they offer the best performance.

  • Transparent lens:

Usage: Indoor, Fog, very dense Woodlands, Rain, Cloudy Weather, Nighttime.

Notes: The transparent lens is an indispensable element in the equipment for those who practice Airsoft, it is ultra-performing for low light conditions, it can be used for days of fog, rain and very cloudy weather. We recommend using it if your practice will be in an area with woods, especially for very dense brushwood, where a dark lens could diminish the perfect vision. For those who practice at sunset or extend the practice at night the transparent lens is the only element to be able to continue the practice in complete safety for the eyes.

The ballistic eyewear with transparent lens can be used indoors at the shooting range, to better protect the eyes and at the same time guarantee the perfect vision of the target.

Model: VENTO Transparent lens – Price: € 24.90

  • Orange Lens:

Use: Cloudy weather, Wooded areas, low sun.

Note: The orange lens is a very useful accessory element in Airsoft equipment, the orange lens has the characteristic high contrast, in fact lightens the vision and allows to identify the opponent or any obstacles more efficiently. This type of lens is particularly suitable for wooded areas as it does not alter the contrast of natural colors. It can also be used in cloudy weather. We also recommend it for sunny days, especially for days where the use of a smoke lens is too dark and the use of a transparent lens that is too light. The orange lens is a special intermediate lens that completes the range of lenses for all light and atmospheric conditions.

Model: VENTO Orange Lens – Price: € 24.90

  • Smoke Lens:

Use: intense sun, large open spaces.

Notes: The smoke lens is the classic lens for intense sunny days. The only solution to allow maximum protection and relaxation for the eyes. The darkness of this lens is the same as that of ordinary sunglasses. We recommend using this lens only for large open spaces, because in wooded areas it may be too dark.

Model: VENTO Lente Fumo – Price: € 24.90

Balistic glasses with smoke lens
  • Interchangeable lenses:

Use: Wooded Areas, Cloudy Weather, Low Sun, Intense Sun.

Notes: The ballistic glasses with interchangeable lenses are supplied with a smoke lens and a high contrast orange lens. By interchanging the lens, they are more performing for all lighting conditions. The lens change is fast and practical, and in 8 seconds it is possible to remove and replace the replacement lens. The choice of this type of Airsoft safety eyewear is for all athletes who want a complete eyewear that guarantees maximum protection and performance.

Model: GRAZ Interchangeable Lenses – Price: € 39.90

Interchangeable lenses for balistic glasses
  • Photochromic Lenses:

Use: All light and indoor conditions in polygon

Notes: Photochromic lenses are lenses that, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, start a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the radiation of light disappears, the lenses gradually return to the initial state of transparency. Using this type of lens to practice Airsoft means choosing sports eyewear for eye protection that is able to adapt dynamically to any light condition. The eye will always be protected and at the same time in maximum relaxation to allow the athlete to concentrate solely on performance.

Model: GRAZ Photochromic Lenses – Price: € 49.90

Photochromic glasses for airsoft


The frame of the VENTO model is designed to counter fog by means of a particular system that channels the flow of air, preventing condensation from forming on the inner surface of the lens.

There is also a special anti-fog and detergent spray that is able to clean the lens of your Airsoft safety glasses at the best, and at the same time forms a temporary anti-fog film (which last about 4 days) for perfect vision during practice. in extreme conditions.


For those who use prescription eyeglasses on a daily basis and that during the practice of Airsoft they cannot wear prescription lenses. DEMON has created Airsoft safety eyeglasses with the same characteristics and technologies described above.

There are 2 different types of technology that can be used: clip view and graduated lenses on the sport Airsoft safety optical frame.

The two reference models are FUSION and VISTA SPORT, the following are the various models in the available variants to identify the best model according to your needs:

  • FUSION Dchange Lenses:

Technology: Optical Clip – 3 pairs of lenses included (Transparent – Orange – Smoke)

Use: Every light condition, usable also indoors in polygon.

Note: FUSION is the complete eyeglasses for Airsoft with interchangeable lenses that make the glasses perfect for any light and weather conditions. The various lenses can be interchanged quickly and easily according to the needs. The transparent lens can also be used in the polygon as a simple eye protection.

Price: € 59.90 – Click on the photo to access the technical sheet:

prescription all sports sunglasses fusion interchangeable lenses shiny black
  • FUSION Photochromic Lenses:

Technology: Optical Clip

Use: Every light condition, usable also indoors in polygon

Notes: The photochromic lens is the most performing lens in sports as it adapts to the light conditions by lightning and darkening. FUSION with photochromatic lenses is the solution for those looking for a eyeglasses for Airsoft on which they do not have to change lenses based on weather and light conditions, but to wear the glasses during the whole length of the match.

Price: € 74.90 – Click on the photo to access the technical sheet:

running eyewear photochromic lenses fusion black
  • VISTA SPORT – Sporty optical frame for Airsoft:

Technology: Base 6 optical support

Use: Usage varies according to the type of lens that is created through your trusted optician.

Note: VISTA SPORT is the evolution of the sports frame that can be used for Airsoft. It can be seen in all respects as your own eyeglass frame worn every day, with the advantages of adding the typical sports eyewear made of ultra-light and resistant materials. The optical support in base 6 allows to reduce the graduation costs of the curved lens of the sports eyewear, moreover it increases the lateral visual field compared to the use of the vision clip. It also allows you to mount any type of graduated lens: Standard, progressive, multifocal, bifocal lenses, even with high optical powers.

Price: € 64.90 – Click on the photo to access the technical sheet:

sport frame for all sports vista sport black


In the collection there are some items that can complement your Airsoft safety glasses with extra technologies:

  • Elastic neoprene cord: The elastic cord in soft neoprene is inserted in the final part of the rod and is compatible with any Airsoft safety eyewear on the market. Allows you to increase the stability of the face of the glasses. It can be used to prevent the glasses from moving on the face in the event of sudden movements or strong vibrations. (included with VISTA SPORT model)
Neoprene Sport cord for sport sunglasses
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth: used for the most effective cleaning of your Airsoft safety glasses lenses.
microfiber cloth for cleaning sport sunglasses and prescription glasses

Hard Case: Another accessory useful for storing safely your Airsoft safety glasses, when placed in the backpack or other carrying back.

hard case for sport sunglasses

Storing Airsoft safety glasses inside a hard case ensures the owner the protection necessary for his eyewear.

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