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MATRIX Clear Lens




Technical Ski Goggles for adult.

Wake up when it's still dark, to reach the nearest mountain. The clock alarm unites Skiers, Boarders and Riders early in the morning.  Like the common adrenaline that increases when they hear the wind as the speed increases, the change of slope, the side hard, jump and stretch the muscles in the valley waiting for the end to repeat the operation. Doen't matter what sport you are practicing, ground or snow, the only important thing is to protect your eyes, because as you well know, the UV intensity increases with increasing of the altitude. Is foundamental to have a goggle that protects perfectly your eyes from 100% UV rays.

When you're choosing a ski goggle it is very important to carefully evaluate the technologies in each, materials, and compatibility with glasses if necessary. The double antifog lenses in polycarbonate for example, is a must for athletes who do not want to stop their performance anf choose an high quality lens to avoid any kind of limitations.

All goggles for skiing of DMN collection are designed and created with the highest attention to details. The main requirement is that it must have the best fit, cause the use is very long during the day. The adjustment of the side wings and the 3d elastic, make DMN goggle compatible with any type of helmet.

The ultra light and flexible material of the frame and the hypoallergenic soft sponge inside create a extraordinary comfort.  

The orange lense Category 2 high-contrast DMN has won prizes at European level, as a product of better quality price ratio. It is the perfect compromise for a perfect view from morning to sunset. 

Snow / fog: Lens: Transparent. Use: to ensure optimum visibility in bright light, bad weather, and on special occasions such as night skiing.

Cloudy Weather: Lens: color orange, to increase the contrast and see every bump or dip in the ground in terms of average brightness. Use: for those who want to have a goggle, "multipurpose", able to adapt to different conditions.

Sunny Weather: Lenses: Smoke or orange coloring, to maintain that state of relaxation and well-being for your eyes. Use: in the days of full sun.

Also in the Accessories section there is also possible to find two different types of optical clip for goggles which allow the installation of prescription lenses to apply to your goggle.

No compromise, no sacrifice, top performance always and anyway. DEMON is the solution for all sports fans - whether professionals or enthusiastas - who never stop, who drive themselves beyond the most extreme limits.