Accessories for Sunglasses | Demon sunglasses


Accessories, as the name implies are all those objects dedicated to increasing the utility of an object. This category contains a list of DEMON accessories that can be purchased through our e-commerce. Is it possible to request info about changing o removing a part of your sport sunglasses at where A member of our staff will provide all the answers to all your questions. 

Accessoires are: 

  • Hard Case: There are two kinds of hard cases in DEMON collection, which have utility to protect and conserve your sunglasses. HARD CASE, is an hard case of higher dimensions, with sponge inside, where you can keep the lenses or your glasses parts. The item Hard Case 2 is smaller and without the sponge inside, and you can use only to protection and avoid ay kind of damages. There is also another type case in microfibre, which is included with each pair of sunglasses of DEMON collection (Excluding sunglasses for mountain and Optics sport category, that included have an hard case).
  • Neoprene Sport Cord: These special accessories for sports sunglasses can be applied at the end of tips, they're made to increase the fit and the grip while sport situation became difficult, and prevent to lost your sunglasses. This particular accessorie is recommended for sports where there are accidental bumps incidental or strong vibrations.
  • Microfiber: Is it possible to use it for cleaning the lenses of your sunglasses.